Emory Acre is our own little corner of the world — our family home in Knoxville TN. But my story didn’t start here in the beautiful south.

I grew up in Baltimore, MD amid miles and miles of red brick row homes near the Chesapeake Bay. Never did I envision myself living in Tennessee surrounded by farms and mountains, but I love that my journey has brought me here. With every year that goes by, suburban farming and living more naturally and simply is becoming a more integral part of my everyday life. Cooking and baking good food is something that makes me smile.

It all started with chickens. Then fresh eggs. The chicken definitely came before the egg. Now I find myself outside planting things, cleaning the coop my husband built from an old playground swing set, and learning more about the way generations before me grew their own food. Every weekend I’m in an apron trying new recipes with the family in my tiny kitchen from our own ingredients or local places. 

Going on adventures to local restaurants and hidden gems to find delicious meals I’ve never tried before makes me feel alive.  

I work full time in hospice. My heart beats to help those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.  I’m a mother to four boys, two of which are miniature schnauzers Ben and Stanley. Stress fades away when I’m with my chickens and dogs, tending a garden or baking from scratch.

Here I share a bit of what makes me happy.

— Mandy